Review: Vengeance by Shana Figueroa


I was intrigued by the reviews I read on Goodreads, hence thought I should look up this book. Also, the romance seem to be unconventional with the different sexual pairings. (That caught your attention, huh?) And I wanted to see what the author did with that. (Good excuse, huh?)

Anyway, yes, there were different sexual pairings, sometimes the hero/heroine was involved, but there were scenes that feature other characters. I have to say they weren’t gratuitous at all, as the sex scenes served some purpose to some degree.

Now that that’s out of the way, I have to say that i was pleasantly surprised by the story. There’s a good story here, plus an overall series arc that I’m excited to read more about. The author also managed to surprise me with twists and turns to the plot that I didn’t see coming, and I love it!

On the characters, I love Val’s strength and sense of justice, her courage to go on when it seemed her world was coming down around her. One thing I have to say about Ms. Figueroa’s characters–they are remarkably real. She’s not afraid to show us readers their weak sides. For example, Max. I hardly see a hero like him–a man who isn’t afraid to be afraid, to have tears on his face and he even seemed to be weaker than the heroine. But that’s okay, you know, I like him more that way. After the gamut of hard-assed Alpha males, it’s a relief to read about a man who’s well…real and relatable, possessing of “weaker” emotions. I also like that they’re not “super-powerful” in everything; Val for example admitted to them not knowing how to steal cars, hence, they had to resort to borrowing from friends.

My only complaint was toward the end, regarding Val’s decision, well, there are other solutions that she could’ve taken but I guess she had to make that one to pave the road for the next book. In any case, I’m looking forward to the next book, Retribution, out February 2017 and the third book, Reckoning, in July 2017! Wooh, can’t wait!


5 stars!!


Not every Valentine is a saint . . .

Corruption. Greed. Illicit sex. Murder. Private investigator Valentine Shepherd thinks she’s seen it all, and her strange ability to glimpse the future gives her an edge no one else in the world has. But when her fiancé is killed trying to exonerate his client, billionaire Max Carressa, Val makes it her personal mission to bring the people responsible to justice, no matter the cost. Convinced the two men are linked by more than attorney-client privilege, she enlists Max’s help in her investigation and gets more than she bargained for.

On the run, Val and Max must uncover who wants them dead and why. The answer leads them to a conspiracy that has Val herself at its center. She doesn’t understand how or why, but time is running out to expose the truth and escape the danger she knows is coming . . .


Valentine Shepherd

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