Debunking Myths (1)

Being conscious of my health (not that I’m a health freak), I constantly read up on such things (and exercise, too, believe it or not. Not that I ever did them though, but shhh!!), and I thought maybe you’ll find this article interesting too. Too often we believe certain things because our mom told us or we heard/read it from somewhere, but is it based on facts? Maybe not, but usually we don’t take the time to go find out.

Well, here are some myths that may need to be debunked:

  1. You need to detox your body with a juice cleanse
  2. Diet sodas make you gain weight
  3. Canola oil is made from rapeseed plants, which is toxic
  4. Sea salt has less sodium than table salt and is mineral-rich
  5. Some foods, like celery, have negative calories (really??? first time I heard)
  6. It takes 21 days to break a bad habit (or form a new one)
  7. Muscle can turn to fat (…and vice-versa)

Of the above, I think I just heard about #1, 2 and 4. I mean, I know #7 is wrong but I haven’t heard about the rest.

To read more and how these myths are debunked, click here: