About Chloe

Hi, I’m Chloe, and I love reading and writing, but since I’ve been busy with life, blogging has been a lot of starts and stops. Hope to be more consistent from now on, now that I’ve finally gotten my own site URL! Yippee!

I have more books than I can count, and I think they’re all lost in the virtual shelves, so I’ll be featuring some of them now and then as a reminder to myself. It’s great when you’ve got a kindle (you can get more books without worrying about storage space), but at the same time, it causes one to indiscriminately just keep on hoarding. See the double-edged sword?

My greatest fear? No electricity. How will I charge my kindle then? LOL

I love discovering new reads and authors, so I’ll be joining tours in hopes of finding new authors and books to love.

Thus far, I’m not accepting any requests from authors and publishers, because see second paragraph above.

Occasionally, I will also be posting stuff about my second greatest love–health. In these days and times of huge medical expenses, we all need to stay healthy.